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Stress in the German Language

If you already started to learn German, you know that the stress position is not indicated in German words (only in some dictionaries). Although there are general rules to determine the position of the stressed syllable, there are a lot of German words that don't follow these rules. That means you will have to learn the pronunciation of such words by heart.

This online tool automatically highlights stressed vowels in German words. It will save you a lot of time – you will no longer need to look up the stress position in a dictionary.

This tool uses the same method to indicate the stressed vowel as in Duden dictionaries:

  • a little dot under the letter – for short stressed vowels. Examples: ụnter, Prozẹnt.
  • a long line under the letter – for long stressed vowels and diphthongs. Examples: Jahre, Auge.

Some German words with the same spelling can have different meanings depending on where you put the stress. Compare:

  • übersẹtzen (to translate),
  • übersetzen (to ferry over, to cross over, to transmit).

These words are called homographs (to be more precise, heteronyms, because they are also pronounced differently). After the conversion, these words will be highlighted in light green. If you hover your mouse over such word or tap it on your mobile device, you will see all the possible pronunciations.

Please note that this tool uses the new German spelling rules introduced with the German orthography reform in 1996. So, for example, the word "gewusst" will be converted, but the word "gewußt" – not.

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Stress in German Words – Online Resources


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