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Free ESL Listening Exercises: Build Your Ability to Understand English

Good News! You can build your English listening comprehension and skills without leaving your living room.

Our interactive online language test allows you to put your English language skills to the test! See how fast or slow you are progressing by taking our completely free ESL listening activities. By testing what you’ve learned, you can see what aspects of English you need to work on when studying.

Our customizable English comprehension test can be set for beginner, intermediate and advanced language learners. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started learning ESL or you’re a pro, you’ll benefit from using this free online language learning tool.

Listen. If your end goal is to learn how to speak English correctly, you’ll need to practice regularly with various tools. offers a lot of free options, like these ESL listening exercises, along with other learning assets like our English phonetic transcription converter.

How Do These ESL Listening Exercises Work?

We offer various different options to allow each user to set up the English listening activities to match their unique learning needs. You choose your level, the number of questions, the category, and the sounds to practice each time you take the exercises, so that you’ll have the English test perfectly suited for your language studying needs.

After you select your options, you can take the ESL listening activies for free. The English exercises offer slow and fast pronunciations of English words, so you can hear the word at multiple paces. After listening to the word, you will need to select which sound the word demonstrates.

When first learning the English language it can be difficult to decipher all the subtle differences in English pronunciation, but we’re confident with steadfast practicing via our ESL learning activities you improve your English comprehension dramatically.

Have Suggestions for Our Online Language Learning Tools?

We have a secret. These online tests were inspired by a user request! At we put a good deal of effort into building our site to offer the best tools for students learning new languages. Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have specific input.