American English Pronunciation for University Students

A comprehensive course with 3,700 carefully selected English words and 300 common phrases read by a native speaker

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Learn English Pronunciation Easily!

The speaker was filmed from two different angles (front and side view). This will help you understand and imitate the movements of the speech organs.

Slow down the playback speed by 50% and see how the lips move in slow-motion.

Set how many times each word will be repeated and the length of the pause after each word.

Two types of subtitles: word spelling, phonetic transcription.

The course covers different aspects of English phonetics, including:

  • Pronunciation of English sounds in different positions
  • 2- and 3-consonant clusters
  • -s and -d endings


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can't install the foreign language courses on your tablet or cell phone – although we do have future plans to create an app.


Sample videos can be watched for free online on the page about the sounds in American English.


The most common English words

It is quite reasonable for a beginning English language learner to focus at first on the most popular English words. To decide which words to include in this course, we used an English word frequency list.

Examples of each American English sound

The course gives you many examples for each American English sound as they are pronounced in the beginning, middle, and ends of words.

Consonant clusters

English words often have two or three consonants that appear one after another. These are called consonant clusters. Here are few examples: place, street, empty.

Words with consonant clusters can be real tongue-twisters. We analyzed the 81 most popular English two- and three-consonant clusters, and included the words containing these clusters in the course for you to practice.

-s and -d endings

The rules on how to pronounce -s and -d endings are pretty complicated in English. Have a look at this table:

Last sound of a word Sound to add Examples
Pronunciation rules for -s ending
/p/, /k/, /t/, /f/, /θ/ /s/ groups, books, students, beliefs, months
/s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /tʃ/, /ʒ/, /dʒ/ /əz/ cases, arises, dishes, inches, garages, changes
all other sounds /z/ jobs, kids, drugs, schools, times, questions, things, breathes, lives, bras, issues, studies, laws, eyes, allows, boys, days, goes, others, occurs, years, affairs, tours, scores, cars
Pronunciation rules for -d ending
/p/, /k/, /tʃ/, /f/, /θ/, /s/, /ʃ/ /t/ developed, asked, watched, laughed, unearthed, based, published
/t/, /d/ /əd/ wanted, needed
all other sounds /d/ described, changed, shrugged, called, seemed, turned, belonged, breathed, moved, used, continued, married, thawed, tried, allowed, employed, paid, showed, considered, occurred, appeared, compared, secured, ignored, starred

Don't want to learn this table by heart? Don't worry — you won't need to if you practice regularly with our course! We included a lot of examples for each of these rules, so you will automatically learn how to pronounce -s and -d endings correctly.

English homographs

Some words in English are spelled the same, but are pronounced differently and have different meanings. These words are called homographs. Compare:

  • I need to use [ˈjuːz] it.
  • the use [ˈjuːs] of a dictionary

If you mix up the pronunciation of these words, you might be misunderstood. To help you learn these words, the course includes the 120 most frequent English homographs.

English numbers

The course includes every cardinal number from 1 to 100. The cardinal numbers indicate how many of something there are.

It also includes the ordinal numbers from first to twentieth. The ordinal numbers indicate the position of something in a list.

Basic English phrases

For people that just want to communicate in basic English while travelling, the course includes 300 common phrases, such as:

Thank you very much!
Can you speak more slowly?
Where's the washroom?
Do you speak English?
Can you write it down?
I'm sorry!

All these phrases were pronounced with a natural intonation and normal speech rate. That may be too fast for beginners, but don't forget that Pronunciation Player allows you to slow down the recordings by 50% while preserving the natural quality of the voice.


The course also covers all the letters of the English alphabet, names of the months, and days of the week.


All video clips have two types of subtitles, each of which can be turned on and off separately:

  • English subtitles. These subtitles will show you the spelling of the word in English.
  • Phonetic transcription subtitles. These will help you make out unfamiliar sounds and improve your pronunciation.


All words from this course are pronounced slowly with good articulation, to help you easily imitate the native speaker. But sometimes even "slow" is not slow enough for beginner language learners – you just can't make out all the sounds of a particular word (the word can be long, or it can contain a lot of unfamiliar sounds). In order to solve this word pronunciation problem, Pronunciation Player allows you to decrease the playback speed by 50% and see how the lips move in slow-motion. This feature is unique in that a special sound processing technology was used to keep the voice sounding natural and distortion-free during this slow playback.

It doesn't matter whether you are learning French Pronunciation, American English Pronunciation or Russian pronunciation, this pronunciation tool will be invaluable in your journey as a language learner.


The total size of all files of the course after download is 1006.18 MB.