"French Pronunciation for Beginners" – An Easy Way to Learn French Words

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  2. read my article "A Complete Guide to Language Learning. Part 1. Learning Pronunciation".


What Is "French Pronunciation for Beginners"?

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The full version of the course contains 2,135 video clips of 2,598 thoughtfully selected French words and short phrases read by a native speaker.

The speaker was shot with two HD video cameras from two different angles (front and side view). This way, you will be able to understand and imitate better the movements of the speech organs.

The course covers different aspects of French phonetics. That includes pronunciation of French sounds in different positions, pronunciation changes (liaison, vowel elongation and silent "e"), letters with diacritics, French numerals.

Additionally the course includes 85 common phrases in French that will help you start speaking French fast.

The free demo version of the French pronunciation course contains 97 video clips from the full course.


Frequently Asked Questions about this course

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