IPA phonetic transcription translators as REST API

If you need the phonetic translator for personal use please first check our regular language learning packages!

You may have tested our IPA phonetic translators and like the results. We made them copy-paste friendly, but let's face it – if you want to copy the phonetic transcription into another software, it can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Sometimes people need to obtain phonetic transcription of a text automatically. For example, you have a language learning website or an app. And you want to add an option that would show the phonetic transcription of the words, so the user would know how to pronounce them correctly.

That's when API version of our phonetic translators comes in handy. It allows you to automatically process text and obtain its phonetic transcription in JSON format. Something like this (in human-readable format):

Please note that our API is a service to obtain the phonetic transcription of real text, NOT of huge word lists. We don't sell our database. All attempts to extract the database will be blocked by the system.


The pricing for the API is different from our language learning packages, where you pay just once for a lifetime access.

The API requires a monthly subscription. The price is decided on an individual basis. It will depend on:

  • which phonetic translator you need (English, French and Japanese are more expensive),
  • number of daily queries,
  • maximum length of each query,
  • whether you need pronunciation variants and homographs (if available),
  • how exactly you plan to use the phonetic transcription (app, website, scientific research).

When you fill the form below, please provide as much detail as possible, so that we could find the best solution for your project.

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