Frequently Asked Questions about IPA Phonetic Translators

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Note that free trial doesn't increase your limits in phonetic converters, but it gives you access to all audio and video recordings on the website.


First, make sure to use the latest version of your web browser. I highly recommend using Google Chrome. And please do NOT use Internet Explorer. It really is a bad browser! :)

Second, double-check that encoding of the page is set to Unicode (UTF-8).

Third, make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. Many functions on will not work without JavaScript.

Still not displaying correctly? On certain mobile devices and browsers, some symbols may still not look very nice or not be displayed at all. Please help us continue to improve! You can report these errors or even better – suggest a solution! ;)


Most of the phonetic translators on are 100% copy-paste friendly. If you want to copy the phonetic transcription to another program do the following:

On the page with the translator, click on the link Show advanced options (located below the submit button). Select one of the options that are optimized for copy-pasting the results:

  • Transcription under each line of text
  • Transcription under each paragraph of text
  • Only transcription

After you submit your text, you may notice that words that can be pronounced differently depending on the context are color-coded:

  • Light green (homographs)
  • Light blue (pronunciation variants)

You can click on these words to choose your preferred transcription. Then you can select and copy the text.


Ongoing projects

  • IPA phonetic translator for German

Future projects

  • Spanish pronunciation course
  • Chinese Mandarin pronunciation course