A new online phonetic transcription translator for... Russian!

I'm very happy to introduce a new online phonetic transcription translator – this time for Russian language. It took me a while to figure out the best way to approach the conversion of Russian text. First, I tried to create something similar to English and French translators, where for each main word form there's a phonetic transcription. But there were several problems with that. First, the number of word forms in Russian is too large (compare 50 rules to obtain word forms in English Hunspell dictionary with 4,243 rules for Russian!). And, second, there are a lot of Russian words where the stress position is different in different word forms.

Finally, I decided to use my tool that inserts stress marks into Russian words and simply follow Russian pronunciation rules. And it worked surprisingly well. So I completely abandoned the first approach to conversion, which by the way was much slower.

Now you have a new online tool that will help you to master Russian pronunciation. Of course, it's not perfect. For example, the voicing of the final devoiced consonants on word boundaries is not completely implemented (for now, it works only with prepositions), and also the conversion of words with hyphen, including the words with particles "-то", "-либо", "-нибудь" doesn't work neither, but all this will be done in the near future. If you find any errors in the conversion, please, let me know.

Tags: Russian, IPA translator, Russian phonetics, Russian pronunciation, phonetic transcription