American English pronunciation course released

We are happy to announce the release of the course American English Pronunciation for University Students.

The course includes 3,700 carefully selected English words and 300 common phrases.

As in all our pronunciation courses, the speaker was filmed with two HD video cameras from two different angles (front and side view). This will help you understand and imitate the movements of the speech organs.

The course covers different aspects of English phonetics, including:

  • Pronunciation of English sounds in different positions
  • 2- and 3-consonant clusters
  • -s and -d endings
  • Homographs

In order to help you improve your listening skills, we took the audio from the course and created an online listening quiz for American English. The beginner level (1,200 words) is completely free, so you can use it to practice!

The full course is only 29.99 Canadian dollars (about 25 USD). The free demo version is available for download with Pronunciation Player.

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