An open-source project spanish-pronunciation-rules-php launched

There's an update in the Spanish phonetic translator. I added an option that allows you to convert the Spanish text into phonetic transcription according to the pronunciation rules of Mexican Spanish. To be honest, the only difference with standard Spanish of Spain concerns the pair of sounds /θ/ and /s/. So for example, the word "pronunciación" will be converted as follow:

  • pɾonunθjaˈθjon – for the option "Spanish of Spain",
  • pɾonunsjaˈsjon – for the option "Mexican Spanish".

You can hardly say it's a major improvement, so I'm getting to the main point. I would like to localize the translator for different Spanish dialects. I realize that this task requires a lot of time, effort and a good understanding of the subject. So I need the help of the community. Therefore, I decided to publish a part of the code of the translator under GNU General Public License. The project is available on GitHub:


From now on everybody who wants to contribute to the translator's algorithm is free to do so. The translator is written in PHP. I intentionally added a lot of comments to the code, so even if you don't know PHP or programming, you will be able to follow the algorithm. Please note that the code allows the conversion only of individual Spanish words.

Tags: Spanish, IPA translator, Spanish phonetics, Spanish pronunciation, phonetic transcription, Spanish dialects