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We hope you are in good health and life is generally positive for you. The Covid-19 virus has taken the world by surprise and many people are stuck at home now.

We wanted to see how we could make the long hours of isolation a bit more interesting for you.

So we decided to give everyone free access to EasyPronunciation for 2 weeks. You can enjoy ALL the features of our highest level of subscription - Polyglot.

Some of you signed up a long time ago. A lot of things had happened in the last 7 years.

You were probably interested in phonetic transcription translators and we continue improve their algorithm.

We also started creating audio and video recordings of words, so you could practice your pronunciation.

This week the number of words reached 58,700, including 20,000 English and 21,500 French words.

We also created other wonderful tools, such as video vocabulary builders and reverse lookup tool which allows you to search words by phonetic transcription.

Alright, so how can you get a free access?

  1. If you don't have an account, sign up for free here.
  2. Go to login page and enter the promotion code LEARNATHOME2020
  3. Enjoy!

We are also starting the Spring Sale.

For the next 2 weeks the lifetime access is 80% off.

If you have an active monthly subscription it can be your chance to upgrade it to the lifetime access for the price of 2 months!

In these hard times your support is extremely important for our virtual office. You are keeping part-time employed 12 people all around the word. We have ongoing contracts with voice-over artists, translators and people who proofread the transcriptions.

Thank you and please stay well!

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