French phonetic alphabet VS International Phonetic Alphabet

In French phonetic translator I added an option that allows you to show the transcription of French words using the symbols of the French phonetic alphabet.

This alphabet was created by the developers of Omnilex lexical database. It is easier understood by a French-speaking person than the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Below you will find a table for the phonetic symbols that are written differently in IPA and French phonetic alphabet:

French phonetic alphabet IPA Sample word
Z ʒ jour
r ʁ rose
S ʃ chose
N ɲ digne
â ɑ̃ mange
ê ɛ̃ mince
ô ɔ̃ onze
é e parler
e ə que
è ɛ mère
ë œ sœur
ò ɔ mort
ö ø jne
ÿ ɥ fuir

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