French video vocabulary builder launched

We are happy to announce the release of French vocabulary builder, a series of short video lessons designed to help you learn popular French words.

It will be an ongoing project for us and we will release new lessons at regular intervals. The lessons will be categorized by topic. The first set includes 84 lessons which introduce vocabulary related to body parts (e.g. head, eyes, ears) and related verbs (e.g. turn, look, listen).

To help you learn how to conjugate French verbs, we created several versions of each sentence: in past, present and future tense, as well as in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. This way, you will learn the French ways to say "I listen to music," "I listened to music," "I will listen to music," "You listen to music," etc.

All lessons have French and English subtitles.

Creating the video lessons is very time-consuming, so only some of these lessons are free. In order to get access to all lessons, you will need to buy a subscription.

If you already have a subscription to "One Language - French" or "Polyglot," you receive the access to all lessons of this vocabulary builder for free - including all future lessons.

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