Get the status "Frequent User" for free!

The easiest way to get the status "Frequent User" is to share the link to the site However there are several conditions:

  1. You will need to publish the link on at least three different websites or social network groups (different groups of the same social network are considered as one website).
  2. The link should be approved by the moderator of the site. It should not be deleted during the next few days after you posted it (let's say, minimum 3 days).
  3. You can share any page of the site, but you should be careful when you choose WHERE to post the link. It should be a related website. For example, the link to English phonetic translator may be posted on the websites related to learning the English language. The link to French pronunciation course may be posted on the websites about the French language, etc.

Be careful - the site is available in 7 languages (you can change the site language in the left upper corner by clicking on the flag icon). For example, the same English translator is localized for Spanish-speaking audience here -

and for French-speaking audience here -

If you speak other languages than English, you may want to share one of the localized pages.

After you shared the site, please send us the links to the pages where you posted the link. After 3 days, if the links are still there, we will update your status to "Frequent User".

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