Handwriting worksheet generator in Chinese pinyin translator

I added Chinese characters worksheet generator in Chinese pinyin translator. For that, I used the plugin TCPDF that allows to create PDF documents.

When you create a worksheet, you can set the font size, choose the number of times each character will be displayed and the Chinese script style:

  • regular script (楷书 kǎishū) or
  • running script (行书 xíngshū)

The font for the running script is not perfect, but it's the best that I could find that is supported in TCPDF.

Right now, the worksheet generator works only for simplified characters. The main reason is that I couldn't find a nice handwriting font for traditional Chinese characters that would be compatible with TCPDF. If you know one, please let me know!

Tags: Chinese, IPA translator, pinyin translator, Chinese pinyin, Chinese phonetics, Chinese pronunciation, phonetic transcription, Chinese characters