IPA chart for American English

During the last weeks I have been updating the algorithm of English phonetic translator, again! :) I guess, I will never stop polishing it. As usually, all the efforts were concentrated mostly on American English. Ok, so what's new this time?

The set of IPA phonetic symbols was slightly changed. The exact changes are described in my blog on Google+. To give you one example, now there is a new option that allows you to show different allophones for /t/ (alveolar tap and glottal stop) and /l/ (light and dark variants).

As you may know, I hire people to help me proofread the transcriptions in American English dictionary. The good news is that we are almost finished – we did almost 95% of what was planned. That includes thousands of new words, including a lot of proper nouns and rare scientific terms. This project also allowed to eliminate a lot of errors and inconsistencies in transcriptions.

To summarize all the recent changes and to help you learn IPA phonetic symbols, I created IPA chart for American English. I highly recommend you to read the footnotes for this chart. You will learn what phonemes and allophones are and how they will help you improve your pronunciation in American English.

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