Japanese romaji converter receives a major update

During the last weeks we've been working hard on the Japanese phonetic converter. Here's the list of the most important updates:

  1. The overall quality of phonetic transcription has greatly increased.
  2. The pitch accent is now highlighted in inflected word forms, including verbs and adjectives. Examples: 歩いて -> あ/る\いて, 冷たくない -> つ/めたくな\い
  3. The support for Japanese counter words is introduced. Examples: 6時 -> ろ/く\じ, 3人 -> さ/んに\ん
  4. The algorithm for highlighting of high-frequency Japanese words is improved.
  5. The Japanese-English dictionary now also supports the inflected forms.
  6. Now you can create word lists that can be accessed anytime from your account. You can also export these word lists into different formats, including plain text, Word, and Excel. The plain-text format can be used to create an Anki deck. With Anki, you can study using your mobile device. And the best part is that now you will know how to correctly pronounce Japanese words with pitch accent! Example:
Word Transcription Meaning
うっかり う/っか\り carelessly
多め お/ーめ‾ somewhat larger quantity
引き続き ㋪/きつずき‾ continuously
確保 か\㋗ほ reservation
早口 は/や\㋗ち fast-talking

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