Learn Russian with movies - video lessons for beginners

In January, we launched an audio podcast for Russian learners, and many of our listeners found it useful! Thank you all for your great feedback!

Now we are excited to announce our new project:

Learn Russian with movies.

You will have a chance to learn Russian from basic to upper intermediate level while watching classic old Russian movies. So, how exactly does it work?

You will watch a short fragment from a Russian movie, and at the same time, the narrator will describe everything that is happening on the screen.

The text is pretty simple, so you will be able to easily understand what is being said. In order to help you, we included subtitles in Russian and English – or you can train your listening skills by watching without subtitles. If you repeat after the narrator, you can also improve your speaking skills and pronunciation.

Each short episode of the movie may have up to four different narrations. The same scene may be described using the past, present, or future tense, or with more detailed descriptions.

Through repetition, you will naturally familiarize yourself with grammatical cases and verb conjugation in Russian. You won't need to memorize any long, scary Russian grammar tables.

Good luck and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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