Online version of Pronunciation Player released + Subscription promotion

We are happy to announce the release of the online version of Pronunciation Player.

It will help you practice pronunciation for the following languages:

Up until now, this software was only available for desktop computers. Now you can enjoy all the main features of the program on any device, including tablets and mobile phones.

Pronunciation Player Online allows you to:

  1. practice the most frequent words of the language you are learning,
  2. practice with audio or video recordings,
  3. set the playback speed: normal or slow,
  4. set the pause length after each word,
  5. set the number of times each word will be repeated,
  6. see the spelling and phonetic transcription of each word.

For some languages, you can also see the translation of each word – so you will be learning the pronunciation and the meaning of the word at the same time. We will add more translations in the near future.

To celebrate this event, we are launching a promotion: the subscription plans "One Language" and "Polyglot" will receive 33% discount. Both plans unlock video recordings on the site, including IPA phonetic translators, listening tests, and Pronunciation Player Online. The promotion will last until December 31.

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