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I am introducing a paid subscription on the site.

For a very long time I was struggling to make the site more profitable... with little success. One of the reasons is that placing ads doesn't bring as much money as it used to do. Ad blocking software is becoming more and more popular. And people who use this software are right. When I see online ads – in 99.99% of the cases I don't need that stuff! :)

But we live in a material world, and I still should pay the apartment rent every month. During the last years I was working part-time to support my family. We moved recently from Montreal to Vancouver where the life is more expensive. I like very much what I do on this site, so I decided to concentrate all my efforts on phonetic translators and pronunciation courses.

So the good news for you is that now the updates will be released more frequently. The bad news is that I need money for that. :) There's a lot on this site that requires a monetary investment. I invite you to read a new section in our FAQ that explains how your money is spent.

I also want to keep the subscription prices as low as possible – you can compare different plans here.

Another good news is that everybody who bought a pronunciation course on this site in the past automatically receives the status "Frequent User" (this rule will not apply to the future purchases).

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