Russian language podcast launched


My name is Tatiana. I am Timur's wife.

I'm glad to introduce our new project: Russian language podcast!

The creation of this podcast has been a long process for us. To be honest, I am not a professional linguist, but I love the Russian language, my mother tongue, and master it quite well. So I want to share my knowledge with Russian language learners. I know that learning Russian is a great challenge and I genuinely respect your intention to master it! I hope that my humble effort will help you on this path.

I wanted to keep this podcast simple and short so that you could incorporate these lessons into your everyday schedule. Each audio's length is about 5 minutes. There is a full transcript available for each episode.

Each episode contains some simple explanations and examples of use of three couples of words. I find it interesting to learn words with their antonyms; this comparative approach might help to better understand and feel the meaning of words.

For now, this podcast is more adapted to intermediate level learners, but we are going to introduce a couple of other podcasts more appropriate for beginners. We are also preparing a series of great video lessons for beginners and intermediate learners. Stay tuned!

This is a somehow experimental project, so all your comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated as they will help us improve the podcast and adapt it to your needs.

Thank you for your attention and carry on!

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