Subscription price will increase on July 15th

On July 15th we will be changing the pricing on

Three years ago we introduced monthly subscription. This money allowed us to implement a lot of new features, including text-to-speech and automatic translation into your native language.

And most importantly it enabled us to invest in expanding our database with phonetic transcription.

You probably saw those dictionaries in the bookstores - they are so thick that you need a couple of friends to pick that dictionary up from a shelf. Well, we do the hard lifting for you. We scan them - sometimes we even need to tear the binding apart to do that - then the members of our team enter the transcription of each word in the database. And then we create algorithms that would show the transcription of all modified forms for those words.

And here are the results:

To give you an idea - each dictionary is several months of work and several thousands of dollars...

We are very-very grateful to people who decide to buy the subscription to support us. Thank you!

Unfortunately, we realized that even with all your support the process of expanding the database is very slow.

Now we want to use British and American English dictionaries that contain more than 200,000 words each. If want to release them while we are still alive, then we need to hire more people.

We also want to redesign the interface of our website, make it faster and enable the users to edit the transcription of existing words. It's a lot of work for our developers.

So... we will be increasing the prices. Starting from July 15th the price of the subscription "Basic" in US will be:

  • monthly - $14.99/month
  • annual - $74.99/year
  • lifetime access - $89.99

The prices for other countries will be recalculated accordingly.

If you only need the phonetic transcription, we highly recommend buying the lifetime access of the subscription "Basic" as soon as possible. For $59.99 it's an incredible investment, considering that you will get access to all the future updates related to the phonetic transcription.

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