Summer promotion: Get a subscription or a course for free!

Some time ago, we launched a promotion that allows you to get a subscription or a pronunciation course for free by sharing the link to

This promotion is still active! Follow the instructions carefully in order to receive your free product. This summer, it's easier than ever:

  • You only need to share the link on ONE site.

By the way, the release of the American English pronunciation course is scheduled for this August. As soon as the English course is released, we will update our pricing policy and permanently remove the "Pay what you want" option. We will also increase the price of the subscription.

In other words, this is your last chance to get the subscription or a pronunciation course for free! Note that due to the high volume of requests, it may take us some time to respond. Please be patient. To speed up the activation of your desired product, please clearly indicate which product you want in your message. When contacting us, please enter the email that you used to create an account on this site.

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