Updates in Chinese pinyin translator - Chinese numbers and Latin letters

There are several updates in the Chinese pinyin translator. The most important update concerns the translation of Chinese numbers. Now you have several options:

  • do not translate Chinese numbers, example: "101" will remain "101",
  • translate the numbers into Chinese characters, hanzi, for that I used the Chinese number conversion module from this site, example: "101" will be translated into "一百零一", at the same time you will see its phonetic transcription "yì bǎi líng yī" (pinyin) or "ji4 paɪ̯3 liŋ2 ji1" (International Phonetic Alphabet),
  • translate the Chinese numbers one by one, example: "101" will be translated into "yāo-líng-yāo".

The other updates are:

  1. A special option now allows you to spell Latin letters one by one using pinyin. So, for example, "卡拉OK" will be converted into "kǎlā ōu kèi". I used the information from Wikipedia, which gives pinyin equivalents for each letter of the Latin alphabet.
  2. Increased speed of the translator.
  3. An apostrophe is displayed inside multisyllabic words when the syllable starts with "a", "o" or "e", which is the standard for pinyin transcription.
  4. All Chinese punctuation signs (commas, dots, etc.) are replaced with their equivalents in Western Latin character set.

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