Updates in IPA phonetic transcription translators

There are small updates in the phonetic translators that I hope will improve your experience on this site:

  • Now there's a character counter under the main text field where you copy your text. I remind you that unregistered users can only convert 700 characters. The limit for registered users is higher: 15,000 characters for Spanish and Italian translators and 7,000 – for all other languages.
  • In English, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian translators now you have an option to display the phonetic transcription under each word. I set it is a default option.
  • I fixed the issue when the IPA phonetic symbols were displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer and in iOS Safari browser on iPhone.
  • I added a "clear" button under the main text field. It allows you to remove all text from the field.

Tags: IPA translator