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سلام ➔ /saˈlɑm/

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Phonetic transcription can help you improve your Persian pronunciation

This IPA phonetic translator for Persian is a joint project of Amin Zare and Amin and his research group Barnamegan kindly offered us their database with pronunciation of 53,000 Persian words.

Some Persian words are spelled the same, but pronounced differently. The translator will highlight such words in light green. If you hover your cursor over these words or tap them on your mobile device, you will see all the possible pronunciations. Note that the translator doesn't show you which pronunciation is correct.

If you have any questions or suggestions about IPA phonetic transcription obtained with this converter, we recommend you to first get in touch with Amin. We will do our best to keep this tool updated.

We hope that this IPA translator will help you learn pronunciation of Persian words.

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