Major updates on

In this blog you can read about the updates on That includes:

  • IPA phonetic transcription translators
  • Word frequency counters
  • Pronunciation trainer
  • Other language learning tools

Sometimes we also give useful tips on how to learn foreign languages.

The registration on the site is opened

Today I'm opening registration on the site. Registered users won't have to enter captcha code and the maximum text length is also increased to 7,000 symbols.... Read more



Captcha bug is fixed

I changed captcha. Now it should work fine on all devices. If you still experience problems with it, please, contact me.... Read more



Captcha bug

Captcha code does not work on certain mobile devices. This is a known issue and will be fixed soon.... Read more



Official opening of the site

The site is officially opened! At the same time I introduce 3 new online tools that will help you to learn foreign languages: A tool that automatically inserts stress marks into... Read more

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