Updates on EasyPronunciation.com

In this blog you can read about the updates on the site. That concerns:

  • IPA phonetic transcription translators
  • Word frequency counters
  • Pronunciation courses
  • Other language learning tools

Sometimes I also give useful tips on how to learn foreign languages.



Faster algorithm in Russian phonetic translator

I updated the Russian phonetic translator and the tool that inserts stress marks into Russian text. Before you could choose the size of the dictionary with accent positions in Russian... Read more

Tags: Russian, IPA translator, Russian phonetics, Russian pronunciation, phonetic transcription


British English support in English phonetic translator

I finally added an option that allows you to translate English text into phonetic transcription according to the pronunciation rules of the British English. Now you have four dictionaries that... Read more

Tags: English, IPA translator, English phonetics, English pronunciation, phonetic transcription, British English, American English, phonetic dictionary


Word frequency counters introduced on the site

Recently I created a new online tool that I hope will help you learn foreign languages more effectively. It is online word frequency counters. So, how can they help you? Well,... Read more

Tags: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, word frequency counter


Russian Pronunciation Course for Beginners released

I am very happy to announce the release of Russian Pronunciation course for beginners – a software that will help you learn the correct pronunciation of Russian words. It's a... Read more

Tags: Russian, Russian pronunciation, Russian phonetics, pronunciation course, software


International Phonetic Alphabet support in Japanese kanji translator

In my kanji to romaji translator I added an option that allows you to translate Japanese text to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols. First, I wanted to follow the Japanese IPA... Read more

Tags: Japanese, IPA translator, kanji translator, Japanese kanji, kanji to romaji, furigana, Japanese phonetics, Japanese pronunciation


Spanish version of EasyPronunciation.com

Now the site EasyPronunciation.com is available in Spanish. The Spanish version can be accessed at the following address: EasyPronunciation.com/es/ I'd like to give special thanks to Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz, a... Read more



Pinyin translator tested with "HSK Standard Course"

If you follow the news thread, you know that during the last few months I was studying Chinese in China. During my stay in China I used some of my... Read more

Tags: Chinese, IPA translator, pinyin translator, Chinese pinyin, Chinese phonetics, Chinese pronunciation, phonetic transcription, HSK test


Updates in Chinese pinyin translator - Chinese numbers and Latin letters

There are several updates in the Chinese pinyin translator. The most important update concerns the translation of Chinese numbers. Now you have several options: do not translate Chinese numbers, example: "101"... Read more

Tags: Chinese, IPA translator, pinyin translator, Chinese pinyin, Chinese phonetics, Chinese pronunciation, phonetic transcription, Chinese numbers


Beta version of Italian phonetic transcription translator released

I am happy to announce the release of the Italian phonetic transcription translator on EasyPronunciation.com. There were several people who asked me to create the phonetic translator for the Italian language.... Read more

Tags: Italian, IPA translator, Italian phonetics, Italian pronunciation, phonetic transcription


Automatic browser language detection

I added an automatic browser language detection. This feature will show you a yellow message box suggesting you to switch the site language to your browser's default language. It should... Read more