Updates on EasyPronunciation.com

In this blog you can read about the updates on the site. That concerns:

  • IPA phonetic transcription translators
  • Word frequency counters
  • Pronunciation courses
  • Other language learning tools

Sometimes I also give useful tips on how to learn foreign languages.



Version 0.1 of French Phonetic Dictionary released

At the end of January I announced French Phonetic Dictionary Project. As a quick reminder, the goal is to create a free open-source dictionary that would contain the phonetic transcription... Read more

Tags: French, phonetic dictionary, French phonetics, French pronunciation, phonetic transcription, IPA


Traditional characters conversion improved in Chinese pinyin translator

I fixed a bug with traditional Chinese characters in Chinese pinyin translator. If you still encounter problems with traditional characters, please let me know. In your email, please specify the... Read more

Tags: Chinese, IPA translator, pinyin translator, Chinese pinyin, Chinese phonetics, Chinese pronunciation, phonetic transcription, Chinese characters


I'm leaving for China for 4 months

Today I'm leaving for China for 4 months to learn Chinese. As you may know, some sites (including Google, YouTube and Facebook) are blocked in China. I hope that will... Read more



Updates in French phonetic translator

Recently I received several bug reports concerning French phonetic translator. I fixed most of them. That includes fixes for a few dozen popular French words, improved conversion rules for adjectives... Read more

Tags: French, IPA translator, French phonetics, French pronunciation, phonetic transcription


EasyPronunciation.com is now available in Chinese and Japanese

Now the site EasyPronunciation.com is available in two more languages: Chinese version, Japanese version. German and Spanish versions are coming...... Read more



Announcing French Phonetic Dictionary project – looking for volunteers

According to statistics, the French phonetic translator is the most frequently used resource on EasyPronunciation.com. If you used it, I think you noticed that sometimes it gives erroneous results. In... Read more

Tags: French, phonetic dictionary, French phonetics, French pronunciation, phonetic transcription, IPA


Learn-foreign-language-phonetics.com has moved to a new address: EasyPronunciation.com

The site learn-foreign-language-phonetics.com has moved to a new location: EasyPronunciation.com. Here's the list of updated links to the phonetic transcription translators: English French Spanish Russian Russian (stress marks) Japanese Chinese English for Subtitles Chinese for Subtitles My article "A Complete Guide... Read more



Russian pronunciation videos for beginners on YouTube

I recorded videos with some popular Russian words and uploaded them on YouTube. I hope they will help you learn Russian pronunciation effectively. You have two options to watch the... Read more

Tags: Russian, Russian pronunciation, Russian phonetics, video, IPA chart


Updates on Project Modelino - online resources to learn English

Recently I updated my catalogue of Internet sites to learn English online on Project Modelino. For most of resources I indicated a dialect of English and also the difficulty level... Read more

Tags: English, language learning


My first English article on language learning for beginners

As I promised, I publish my first English article on language learning – "A Complete Guide to Language Learning". It is written for beginners and covers the following topics: how to... Read more

Tags: language learning