Updates on EasyPronunciation.com

In this blog you can read about the updates on the site. That concerns:

  • IPA phonetic transcription translators
  • Word frequency counters
  • Pronunciation courses
  • Other language learning tools

Sometimes I also give useful tips on how to learn foreign languages.



Updates on Project Modelino - online resources to learn English

Recently I updated my catalogue of Internet sites to learn English online on Project Modelino. For most of resources I indicated a dialect of English and also the difficulty level... Read more

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My first English article on language learning for beginners

As I promised, I publish my first English article on language learning – "A Complete Guide to Language Learning". It is written for beginners and covers the following topics: how to... Read more

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Simple technique to improve your ability to learn foreign languages

Sometimes people ask me about the techniques that I use to learn foreign languages. In the last weeks I was preparing a small article in English with my thoughts on... Read more

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Updates on Project Modelino - online resources to learn French

Recently I updated my catalogue of Internet sites to learn French online on Project Modelino. I chose only the best sites where you can learn French for free. For beginners... Read more

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Tables with Russian consonant and vowel sounds

For those of you who learn Russian I created tables with all Russian consonant and vowel sounds. I hope they will help you learn Russian phonetics.... Read more

Tags: Russian, Russian pronunciation, Russian phonetics, IPA chart


Russian phonetic transcription with Cyrillic letters introduced

In the last weeks I spent a lot of time improving my Russian phonetic transcription translator. There are some new features I introduced: now the phonetic transcription can be written not... Read more

Tags: Russian, IPA translator, Russian phonetics, Russian pronunciation, phonetic transcription


Monitoring of site memory usage

In the next few days in French and Russian translators only short database will be available.... Read more



Improvements in French phonetic translator

I created a short version of the database for French phonetic translator. It works twice as fast as the full one.... Read more

Tags: French, IPA translator, French phonetics, French pronunciation, phonetic transcription


Please share the link to phonetic transcription translators

I know that many of you use the phonetic translators on this site on regular basis. If you like them, please share the link with your friends! It would be... Read more

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Happy New Year to everybody!

I wish all of you Happy New Year! I hope the New Year brings you the very best! And good luck with your language learning! It's very exciting journey and... Read more