Practice French Pronunciation: The Most Frequent Words

When you start learning French, it's important to master the most common words and their pronunciations. Try practicing the most frequent words below and test your French pronunciation.

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The most frequent French words:

Frequent French words with a given sound:

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How a French pronunciation website can help you

It's important to learn the basic grammar and verbs of French. But to be able to speak it like you really know it, you need to practice your French pronunciation. With, you can listen, learn, and repeat the most important French words.

Is it difficult to pronounce French?

Like all languages, it takes takes time to pronounce French perfectly. The thing that most people find difficult is that the French alphabet looks almost the same as the English alphabet, but the French pronunciation of the letters is different. There are a few silent letters and certain sounds that can make learning the language hard. The best way to learn French pronunciation is by listening to real native speakers, and copying how they pronounce French words.

Listen, take it in, repeat: learning with French pronunciation audio

With our language pronunciation software, you can listen to French pronunciation audio and then repeat it. Watch the videos of the French pronunciation, follow the subtitles, then repeat the French words. Remember to look at how the native speakers move their lips.

How does this French pronunciation guide work?

With the above French pronunciation guide, you can pick the phonics which you are finding difficult, and practice them over and over again. You can choose how many words you want to practice, and whether you want to hear the audio, or watch the French pronunciation video too. With our advanced options, you can change the playback speed and choose which subtitles you want. We recommend you start with the phonetic transcription subtitles if you're trying to improve your French pronunciation.

How often should you practice your French pronunciation?

You should aim to use every day if you really want to see a difference in your French pronunciation. With our French accent training you should start to feel more comfortable over time. If you don't have much time to spare, go over the first fifty most frequently used French words. If you have a bit more time, then sit down and practice even more. Your hard work will pay off!