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How can I improve my English pronunciation?

If you want to speak American English like a native, you need to follow a few steps while you follow our programme:

  1. Listen to the words. Do they make a hard sound, or is it soft?
  2. Watch how their mouths move
  3. Are there any tongue movements when they pronounce words?
  4. Break the words down into short sounds
  5. Keep watching the accent training videos until you feel comfortable
  6. Record yourself as you do these exercises

Does this programme work as American accent training?

Absolutely! If you're looking to improve your American accent, it's important for you to listen to a native speaker and then repeat. If you want to work even more on your American accent training, you can listen to American English podcasts, or watch American TV shows and sitcoms, like Friends.

What does this American English online course teach?

This course teaches you how to speak American English with a great accent, and with truly useful vocabulary. Some American English online courses only teach you how to pronounce certain syllables of the word, but then, how would you be able to speak with a real person? With our Pronunciation Player, you'll learn to pronounce the whole word well, not just the beginning or ending. Think of it like learning a new song, you need to know all the words, not just the tune!

Is it difficult to get an American accent?

It's not difficult with American accent training courses like ours, to pick up an American accent. You will need to dedicate time every day to practice, and to work through the exercises that you can find on Like we said earlier, you should watch American shows, and try practicing your American accent in front of friends or family. You could even video yourself and watch how your lips and tongue move when you speak.