Russian Pronunciation for University Students

What if I told you all you need to do to learn to speak Russian without an accent is watch videos on a daily basis?

Guess what, it really is that simple. We’ve seen thousands of students undergo our training and come out speaking like natives. If you’re done with making embarrassing pronunciation mistakes when speaking Russian, you’ve come to the right place.

The Problem Students Face Learning to Pronounce a New Language is EASY to Overcome

Pronunciation is a huge struggle for students who want to learn to speak a language. No one wants to fumble over words with an embarrassing accent!

Do not feel alone in your struggle to pronounce Russian correctly. Many thousands of people visit every day in search of a way to finally lose the accent.

By using our simple and fast language learning methodology, many achieve this dream.

The good news is it isn’t some long, convoluted process to achieve the end goal. We have a simple three step system:

  1. Listen/Watch
  2. Speak
  3. Repeat

Students simply watch a video of just one word then repeat back the word. You can check our exclusive guide on how to learn pronunciation that explains everything in detail.

You’ll watch videos like the one below to help train your brain to learn correct pronunciation.

You will be able to adjust the playback speed of videos in case if they are too fast for your level.

The course "Russian Pronunciation for University Students" has 3,000 carefully selected Russian words read by a native speaker.

Scientists have proven the importance of mimicking in-person when learning a new language. We take that principle by making videos that not only allow you to hear how the word is spoken, but let you see how to pronounce it by watching the movement of the native speaker’s mouth.

In the videos the speaker was filmed with two HD video cameras from two different angles (front and side view). This will help you understand and imitate the movements of the speech organs.

By going through the content one word at a time, you can learn at a pace that matches your needs. Take your time on each video watching, listening, speaking then repeating.


Ready to get rid of your accent for good?

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So, what's the deal with the course?

Lifetime guarantee. You can contact us at any time to get a full refund AND you can keep the language learning course!

Install the language course on as many computers as you want. All major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) are supported.

Lifetime updates of Pronunciation Player – a unique software specially designed to help you learn pronunciation quickly. The course can be downloaded only with Pronunciation Player. If you want additional features, feel free to let us know!

Get access to all levels of our online Russian listening quiz. The quiz uses the audio recordings from the course and will help you improve your listening skills.


Frequently Asked Questions about this course

No. You can't install the foreign language courses on your tablet or cell phone – although we do have future plans to create an app.