Russian Pronunciation for University Students

Watch this video:

If that video was too fast for you, then try this video:

Isn't it great to have both options? You can start practicing with the slow video and then continue with the fast video as you progress.

You may say, "But it's only one word!" We have good news for you – the course "Russian Pronunciation for University Students" has more than 3,000 carefully selected Russian words read by a native speaker.

As you can see, the speaker was filmed with two HD video cameras from two different angles (front and side view). This will help you understand and imitate the movements of the speech organs.

The course covers different aspects of Russian phonetics, including:

  • Pronunciation of Russian sounds in different positions
  • Consonant clusters
  • Double consonants


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Frequently Asked Questions about this course

No. You can't install the course on your tablet or cell phone – although we do have plans to create an app.



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