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Lesson 1. Body parts - 1. Present tense, 1st person

Lesson 3. Body parts - 3. Present tense, 1st person

Lesson 6. Body parts - 6. Present tense, 1st person

Lesson 29. Body parts - 1. Past tense, 1st person

Lesson 40. Body parts - 5. Past tense, 2nd person

Lesson 55. Body parts - 6. Past tense, 3rd person

Lesson 61. Body parts - 5. Future tense, 1st person

Lesson 70. Body parts - 2. Future tense, 2nd person

Lesson 79. Body parts - 2. Future tense, 3rd person

Learn new Russian words and grammar at the same time!

To help you learn how to conjugate Russian verbs, we created several versions of each lesson: in past, present and future tense, as well as in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. This way, you will learn the Russian ways to say "I listen to music," "I listened to music," "I will listen to music," "You listen to music," etc.

All lessons have Russian subtitles.

As of today Russian vocabulary builder includes 84 video lessons for a total duration of more than 3 hours. This is an ongoing project. We constantly add new lessons.

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