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What our users say

Melissa Marzan

"This website is truly wonderful! I am an opera singer and this page has been a good tool to improve my pronunciation in languages such as French and German. I love that besides the phonetic transcription, it includes the audio of how each word is pronounced. I have used other phonetic transcription sites and none compare to this service. It is worth buying the membership and the page is very easy to use."

Drake Asberry

"As a graduate student in second language acquisition, I often find myself looking into the pronunciations of languages in which I am unfamiliar with specific speech patterns. Easypronunciation IPA translators becomes extremely useful when mining for these patterns in speech. In addition, it has options to create narrow transcriptions, which go above and beyond what you can generally find with online translators (usually phonemic at best)."

Randall Hardy

"When I discovered this site I was intrigued that there was an actual site that would help me learn a new language better, in this case, French. I work in Central Africa and am trying to relearn French but it has been decades since high school. The fact that I could paste and copy text in French and learn how to pronounce all the words there is an excellent tool! I have seen the Phonectic Alphabet before, and once you learn what symbols have what sounds, you can pronounce any word. Thank you so much for this site!"