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Word frequency counters updated

We updated word frequency lists on Frequency lists allow you to highlight word in different colors depending on their frequency rating. Most of our frequency lists are based on subtitles.... Read more

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Japanese word frequency counter released as a beta-version

The site has a new word frequency counter – for Japanese. It highlights in different colors the Japanese words required for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Unfortunately, the counter doesn't... Read more

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Word frequency counters introduced on the site

Recently I created a new online tool that I hope will help you learn foreign languages more effectively. It is online word frequency counters. So, how can they help you? Well,... Read more

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Official opening of the site

The site is officially opened! At the same time I introduce 3 new online tools that will help you to learn foreign languages: A tool that automatically inserts stress marks into... Read more

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