Custom Word Lists in Pinyin Converter

We completely redesigned the way how you can create custom word lists in our Pinyin Converter.

First we use new plugin to show popup with the translation of Chinese words. It is more mobile-friendly.

Next, now your word list is securely stored on our server. So even if you lose Internet connection while you use Pinyin Converter, all your words and their English translation will be stored in your profile.

You can rename your word lists, remove words from them, edit the translation and the phonetic transcription (IPA, jyutping, pinyin) of each word.

And of course, you can export your custom word list into different formats:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • plain text (encoded in UTF-8)

You will need plain text format if you want to convert your word list into Anki deck and practice the word using spaced repetition method.