The text limits become tighter

TLDR: Running this website is very expensive, 99.9% of visitors don’t buy a subscription.

Unfortunately, we have to make text limits tighter for unregistered users and users with free accounts.

We received complains from people who bought a subscription that the site is working slowly. Indeed, during the peak hours the server response time may reach 7 seconds which is ridiculously long. Yesterday we upgraded our hosting plan and started to use a much better server which is much more expensive too.

At the same time we checked the statistics for September:

Only 0.5% of the visitors have created a free account.
Only 0.1% of the visitors have actually bought a subscription.

Placing ads doesn’t bring any substantial amount of money as it used to a couple of years ago. Ads also reduce user experience.

So the only solution, for the time being, is to make text limits tighter to promote the sales of subscription.

Really, folks, running this website and implementing all the updates is VERY expensive.

We introduced regional pricing this summer to make sure that our services are affordable everywhere in the world. And we really need your financial support. We just can’t do it for free for 99.9% visitors.

The new limits are:

Unregistered users: 25 characters at a time, 50 characters per hour
Free accounts: 50 characters at a time, 100 characters per hour.

Note that if the new limits don’t fix our financial problems, we will be forced to make them even tighter.