Upcoming updates in French phonetic translator

We were really busy adding audio recordings of Spanish words and didn’t post any updates for a couple of weeks. By the way, in one-two weeks we will have 10,000 words in both voices – male and female – for Mexican Spanish. Yuppi!

This post is about French.

As you may know, we were proofreading phonetic transcription of proper nouns and now we are working on regular words. Our previous database had 24,000 words. The new database has more than 38,500 words and eventually will probably exceed 90,000 words.

The algorithm of the French phonetic translator was initially based on the old database. Now it uses both databases, and as a result it started to cause occasional small bugs and inconsistencies, especially when it comes to liaison.

So during the last week we were working hard on fixing these inconsistencies and liaison algorithm. Very soon we will add a new option on how to display liaison. You will be able to choose between:

  1. transcribe words one by one
         Il est allé → /il‿ ɛt‿ ale/
  2. final consonant may move to the next word
    Il est allé → /i‿ lɛ‿ tale/

Stay tuned! 🙂