Video tutorials for IPA phonetic translators

We recorded 78 short video tutorials that explain how to use our IPA phonetic translators. We picked the most popular languages and the most poopular translators.

There are two types of tutorials:

The first type explains how to use premium features: high-quality computer generated audio (text-to-speech) and automatic translation into your native language.

The second type shows how to create custom word lists on our website. With custom word lists you can select words and then later practice their pronunciation. It is possible to export your word lists to different formats: Word, Excel, plain text (to create Anki decks for spaced repetition learning).

You can also share your word lists with other people. Even if they don’t have an account on, they still will be able to practice the words, if your own subscription is active. It can be a perfect solution if you are a language tutor.