Increase your limits for premium features

As you may know there’s a limitation of 200,000 characters per month for premium features – text-to-speech and translation in your native language.

In case you need to convert more text to audio and/or translate it in your native language, you can increase your limits for an extra fee:

  • “Premium features 400” – 400,000 characters/month – 4 USD/month
  • “Premium features 600” – 600,000 characters/month – 6 USD/month
  • “Premium features 800” – 800,000 characters/month – 8 USD/month

The numbers show the total limit.

For example, if you choose “Premium features 400”, this will add another 200,000 characters to your plan for a total of 400,000 characters.

If you choose “Premium features 800” – this will add 600,000 characters.

If you subscribe for one year you will get a 25% discount.

For now, the only acceptable payment method is PayPal.

If you are interested, please contact us for payment instructions.