Audio recordings of words for your app or website

You're developing a language learning app or website and you need audio recordings of words?

Save yourself a huge amount of time and thousands of dollars!

We are offering High-Definition audios of thousands of words that you can easily integrate into your digital product.

Доступные языки: американский английский, британский английский, французский, мексиканский испанский, китайский

Available for preorder: немецкий, европейский испанский, русский, итальянский, японский, европейский португальский, бразильский португальский, шведский, кантонский

Meet our voice-over artists

  Language Number of audio files Word list
(plain text,
UTF-8 encoded)
Sample audio Test online
Mike американский английский ~19 800 Word List Download Test
Lela американский английский ~9 300 Word List Download Test
Andrew британский английский ~9 400 Word List Download Test
Christine французский ~19 700 Word List Download Test
Adrian мексиканский испанский ~9 900 Word List Download Test
Karen мексиканский испанский ~9 900 Word List Download Test
Qili китайский ~10 000 Word List Download Test
Hongmei китайский ~10 000 Word List Download Test

Legal stuff

If you decide to buy the audio recordings from us:

  1. you purchase nonexclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free right and license to use, copy, publicly display and broadcast, edit, revise, perform, distribute or otherwise make available, and create derivative and collective works based upon the recordings.
  2. you cannot resell the audio recordings to any third parties.

Why purchase audio recordings from us?

Save a tremendous amount of time

Creating audio recordings takes a LOT of time. You need to find a native speaker, ideally with a good voice. This native speaker should have professional equipment and work in a quiet recording environment. Sometimes you may think that you found the right person, but when the work is done you realize that he or she has a regional accent and mispronounces even the most common words!

Even if you have the right person, there's a lot of time-consuming work:

  • post-production of the audio,
  • splitting the audio into individual words,
  • verifying each word.

It's a huge investment in terms of time and money. If you run a business, you know how valuable these resources are! Depending on the number of words it can take up to several weeks and thousands of dollars to prepare these recordings. With us, everything can be done in an hour.

High-quality sound

If you check online dictionaries, even from well-respected publishers, you may notice that quite often the quality of the audio is poor.

We have very rigorous requirements:

  • to our voice-over artists, including a high level of education, clear articulation, professional equipment,
  • to the sound quality: low level of background noise, a high bitrate (256 kbps) and frequency (48,000 Hz).

More words added every week

We have ongoing contracts with most of our voice-over artists and we add new words every week. If you don't find words that you need in our list, please contact us - there's a strong chance we can quickly record them.

Each word is manually checked

We are obsessed with quality. Each time we receive a new batch of words from one of our voice-over artists, we make sure that:

  • each word is articulated very clearly,
  • each word is pronounced in a standard dialect - we have phoneticians who compare the pronunciation in the recording with the standard from most widely used and respected dictionaries.

Phonetic transcription

As a result of the above process, each word in our database has an accurate phonetic transcription written with International Phonetic Alphabet (or Pinyin for Chinese).

Proper nouns

For some languages, such as French and British English, we have a lot of proper nouns, that is names of people or places, such as John, London, Paris etc. Online dictionaries usually don't have audio recordings for such words.

Inflected word forms

For English, for example, in addition to "book" we also have "books", "booking", "booked". Depending on the design of your app you might want to purchase them too. Most online dictionaries don't have recordings of inflected word forms.

Three different playback speeds: 1x, 0.75x, 0.5x

We used a special sound processing technology to make sure that slow-speed audio is not distorted and has a natural voice quality.

What happens when you decide to purchase the audio recordings?

When you buy a large number of words, you invest in your digital product. And we want you to be absolutely comfortable when you make this investment. The easiest way to make you comfortable is to help you understand what you are paying for.

Step 1

First, we suggest you download the sample audios and check our online pronunciation trainers - they have up to 1,000 free words.

Step 2

Next, you decide which words you want to buy. Please use the download links in the table above and choose the words that you need. The minimum number of words is 100.

Note that some words are listed twice. That means that these words have multiple pronunciations - so-called homographs. For example, the word "perfect" in British English can be pronounced as [ˈpɜːfɪkt] or [pəˈfekt], depending on the context.

For some languages different words may be pronounced the same way - so-called homophones. For example, in French the words "doit" (must) and "doigt" (finger) are pronounced the same. In such cases you will receive the same audio recording for both words.

Step 3

After we agree on the price and you send us your word list, we will ask you to make the first payment of 30 USD. We will give you access to the page where you can listen to each and every word from your list.

Step 4

After you checked the recordings and are ready to buy them, we will ask you to sign the license agreement and pay the outstanding balance. We have several partners to process payments, including PayPal and Stripe.

You can either pay the whole amount at once or split it into several payments. In the second case you will receive the audio recordings in batches. All the sales are final and non-refundable.

Step 5

After we receive the payment we will send you the link to a zip archive containing your audio recordings.

How does your preorder works?

The audio recordings for some languages are available for preorder with a 30% discount.

That means you can hire us to make the audio recordings of your word list. The minimum number of words is 2,000.

We will use the same rigorous procedure to find a voice-over artist and a phonetician to create the audio recordings as we usually do.

Since we need to pay these people, we will ask you to make a non-refundable down payment of 50% of the total price before we start.

Depending on the number of words, it may take at least two weeks before we deliver you the final product.

The legal aspect remains the same - you will get nonexclusive rights to use the recordings and you cannot resell them to any third parties.

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