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Phonetic Transcription Can Help You Improve Your German Pronunciation

This German phonetic translator is currently in development. It can convert approximately 80% of German words with 90-95% accuracy. If you want to support us, please buy a subscription.

Note that this phonetic translator is case-sensitive. The German text should be orthographically correct. So for example, the translator will convert "glaube", "Glaube", "Augen", but not "GLAUBE" or "augen".

If you are interested in German pronunciation, we highly recommend purchasing Das Aussprachewörterbuch - German pronunciation dictionary by Duden. It has a brilliant introduction that explains all the pronunciation rules in German. The dictionary will also help you with homographs and personal names. Our translator doesn't convert them very well.

Highlighting of high-frequency German words

A special option allows you to highlight high-frequency German words. The words from different frequency intervals will be highlighted in the following colors:


If you want to make the frequency analysis of your text and obtain the detailed statistics, please use German word frequency counter.