New feature — save transcription in a note

We have some great news to share with you.

First, we finally released the option that allows you to save the text and its phonetic transcription in a note.

This feature is especially useful if you learn or teach a foreign language.

You can easily organize your notes in different notebooks, edit them, export them into a file, and highlight words that you want to remember.

If you have a premium subscription, you can also create computer-generated audio for your notes. This audio will be stored securely in your account, and you can listen to it later using our Pronunciation Player.

Premium users can also share their notes, including text, its phonetic transcription and computer-generated audio with other people.

Watch a tutorial "How to save text and transcription in a note"

And another great news is that we added more than 300 voices that you can use to create computer-generated audio. Lots of dialects. The voices are provided by Microsoft and they sound absolutely fantastic! Just listen to the samples below:

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