Online Listening Quiz for American English

I created online listening quiz for American English that will help you improve your listening skills and learn International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols at the same time.

The quiz works very well on mobiles devices.

The quiz uses the audio recordings from  American English pronunciation course that is 3,570 English words (it doesn’t include phrases). The release of the course will be officially announced very soon. All the words are conveniently divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you have a subscription on or have purchased one of our courses, you have access to all levels. Beginner’s level is available for everyone to practice.

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There’s a new way how we will announce the updates on

The major updates will be published here in 5 languages as before:

The details of the minor updates will be given here (in English):

And we will also announce them on social networks:

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Updates to Phonetic Translators

I updated the description of several phonetic translators and wrote a detailed FAQ that covers the following topics:
1) incorrect display of phonetic transcription symbols,
2) copy-pasting the transcription into other programs,
3) why the translators cannot be downloaded on the computer or mobile device,
4) the future projects.

If you have any specific feedback about our online phonetic tools, do not hesitate to let us now your input. Our goal is to best serve the language learning community via the creation of our phonetics tools, foreign language dictionaries, subtitle converters, phonetic courses, foreign language courses & more. Check out our faq if you have questions about our onlinephonetics translators.


Latest Project: English Phonetic Converter

We’ll be moving to Vancouver soon, so I quit my part-time job and now I work full-time on the English phonetic converter.
The goal number one is to improve the American English dictionary. I decided to manually proof-read the database and it takes a lot of time!
In November you will see the following updates:
1) a significant increase in the number of words.
2) homographs and some pronunciation variants will be added.
3) an option for “cot–caught merger”.
As Easy Pronunciation continues it’s journey to improve our web pronunciation tools and phonetic tools, we hope the users out there offer us feedback and ideas to better serve all those learning a foreign language out there.
Learning a foreign langage? You need to know phonetics!


Full Version of French Pronunciation Course Available

I finally release the full version of French pronunciation course.
The short description of the course features can be found here –
In total it took more than six months to prepare this release. The video and audio material was ready in July. During the last months I and my developer were fixing numerous bugs and updating Pronunciation Player.
All of you language learners out there, please let us know if you run into any problems using our pronunciation course. Thanks!

Our French pronunciation course is perfect for beginner language learners

No Open Vacancies for Employment

UPDATE 2017-01-16: Right now there are no open vacancies!! You may want to check back later.

I decided to invest the income generated by the ads on the site into improving the English phonetic converter.

Right now I am looking for people who want to help me proofreading the transcriptions for American English. The rate is approximately 8 USD /hour. The exact rate will depend on how fast you can work. My normal speed is 400 words /hour.

Those of you interested in this job, please contact me via the online form here –

If you already have an account on the site, please indicate the email address you used to create your account.

I will send you the instructions (7 pages) and will ask you to proofread 200 words from the database. At the end of the test, I will revise your corrections, will pay you 15 USD (PayPal only) and will decide whether you are accepted or not (based on the quality of your work).

The job doesn’t require any specialized knowledge in phonetics, but does require you to be VERY meticulous during the text editing (every comma matters!) And of course, your English should be pretty good.

No longer hiring for our pronunciation website


Updates to French Phonetic Dictionary – Improve Your French Pronunciation

I updated French Phonetic Dictionary. The pronunciations of 507 French words were added. The total number of words is now 23,777.

We’re only gong to keep adding to our French Phonetic Dictionary to help language learners out there by offering a tool which really can help with French pronunciation.  Check out our French Pronunciation course if you want to learn the language faster!

Working towards improving our French dictionary for our French language learners out there!

Speeding Up Our Phonetic Converters – Learn Languages Faster!

I optimized the database usage on Now the speed of the phonetic converters is significantly increased. It was especially important for German and Japanese converters which were ridiculously slow.
All my previous optimizations in speed are nothing in comparison with that one. Well, we always learn…
 I hope you get the chance to enjoy the new speed improvements to our phonetic converters. I’ll continue my efforts to update our phonetics and language learning website to help you all learn language faster.
language learning tools - language learning

The French Phonetic Dictionary 1.8 released

The French Phonetic Dictionary 1.8 released (24,325 words).
After a discussion we decided to keep the phonetic symbol [œ̃] for the combinations of letters “un” (“aucun”) and “um” (“humble”).
Now there’s an option in French phonetic translator that allows you to use this symbol in such cases.
This French dictionary serves as a top notch pronunciation guide for those who want to learn to speak French fluently. Let us know if you have any suggestions for our French language learning tools!

When learning French, learning French phonetics is invaluable. We offer a great French dictionary!