Lifetime Access is back

we are happy to announce that lifetime access to is back. To celebrate this event it will be deeply discounted for the next 2 weeks.

Create a custom word list on

Up until today we had an option to create a custom word list in our English, Japanese, and Chinese phonetic translators. Now you can do that also in French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese phonetic converters. It’s a very cool feature, since you can export your word lists into different file formats, such as… Continue reading Create a custom word list on

Major updates in our pronunciation trainer

We just release a major update of our online pronunciation trainer. The most important thing is that now you can practice with absolutely all HD audio recordings from our website – 37,000 words in 4 languages! We also included a possibility to choose word frequency interval and to search by word spelling and/or phonetic transcription.