Video “High Performance State for Accelerated Learning”

If you read my article about fast language learning, you probably remember that I recommend learning a language in a special state – high performance state. I recorded a video where I show three different ways to enter this state: juggling polyrhythm exercises alphabet game

Webinar on learning pronunciation

If you are still interested in language learning, I have a news for you. I published a series of webinars on learning pronunciation. I discuss in great detail how to use phonetic transcription to remember the correct pronunciation of words. If you learn English, your webinar is here – “Learning English pronunciation the smart way”… Continue reading Webinar on learning pronunciation

We now accept credit cards

We’re moving to the next step with our regional pricing. Starting from today we are accepting all major credits cards, including Visa and Master Card. The price for subscription is now recalculated in your local currency. For most countries we still continue to accept PayPal payments.