Updates in notes and notebooks

We recently released some updates in our notes and notebooks. Here’s the summary:

  • Now you can record your own voice for each note. The voice recording will be securely stored in your profile. It’s especially practical if you have a premium subscription and can generate text-to-speech audio for your notes. In this case, all the audio recordings for each note, both computer-generated and your own, are displayed together, and you can quickly compare your pronunciation with the standard.
  • We improved the algorithm to search inside your notes. That includes the support for the search of the words starting with a certain letter combination. To use this feature, you need to put a caret symbol (^) in beginning of your search query. For example, “^nation” will find the words “nation”, “national”, “nationality”, etc., but not “combination” or “stagnation”.
  • Keyboard shortcut: You can quickly activate search panel by pressing shift-Enter on your keyboard. Because the search panel works only for one language at a time, this keyboard shortcut is only available if you are already on the page related to a specific language. For example, if you learn English, you need to be on the page with our English phonetic translator, or open one of your notebooks in English.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Now you can quickly access your notebooks from any page of the website by pressing alt-N (or option-N on Mac).

And another small update. Now you can adjust the color of the phonetic transcription, homographs, and pronunciation variants to your liking. Please go to “My account” -> “Customize my experience”.