Webinar on learning pronunciation

If you are still interested in language learning, I have a news for you.

I published a series of webinars on learning pronunciation. I discuss in great detail how to use phonetic transcription to remember the correct pronunciation of words.

If you learn English, your webinar is here –

“Learning English pronunciation the smart way” (26 min.).

If you learn French, follow this link –

“Learning French pronunciation the smart way” (25 min.).

If you learn any other language, then click here –

“Phonetic transcription for fast language learning” (20 min.).

The content of the webinars is 90% the same, so you don’t need to watch all three of them.

I apologize that there’s no scroll bar. I despertaly want to know how many people will watch until the end. So when you watch it, please make sure that nobody bothers you for 30 minutes.

If you haven’t yet read my article on language learning, these webinar will be a nice introduction to my approach.

If you already read the article, well in this case these webinars will help you remember what you have forgotten. 🙂

Your feedback will be highly appreciated!