More than 130,000 words in our database for British English

We are happy to announce that we just released our updated database with pronunciations of words in British English.

This is our biggest update for British English ever. The new database supports more than 130,000 unique English words. The pronunciation of each word was proofread manually!

At the same time we updated the general algorithm of the English IPA phonetic translator:

  • the translator works faster for all English dialects.
  • we revised the phonetic transcription of very short words, such as pronouns and auxiliary verbs to correct the pronunciation of the weak and strong forms depending on their position in the sentence.
  • the translator now takes in consideration the final letter “r” in British English at word boundaries. For example, the phrase “enter a cave” is transcribed as /ˈentər ə ˈkeɪv/, but the phrase “enter the dragon” is transcribed as /ˈentə ðə ˈdræɡᵊn/.
  • we added a lot of new so-called hunspell rules, so more modified word forms are converted correctly.