New payment providers

It’s Timur, the founder of

This message applies to you if you had an active recurring subscription on November 29 and paid via our old payment provider, Stripe.

As previously announced, we no longer work with Stripe, and we had to cancel your recurring payments.

If your subscription was due for renewal during the last two weeks, we didn’t charge you. All the expired subscriptions were automatically extended.

Today, December 14, I stop extending the expired subscriptions and invite you to migrate to another payment provider.

I updated our pricing model recently. First of all, now you can pay weekly. I also introduced a new plan called “Starter.” It may be a good solution for you if you only need phonetic transcription and nothing else.

The new pricing is more expensive. I gave all the reasons why in the previous post.

If you want to renew your subscription, there are two options for you:

1) If your financial situation allows it, I encourage you to switch to the new pricing to support our website.

I added several new bonuses to the premium subscribers.

2) If you can’t afford the new pricing, you can pay a reduced price. You will see a button in your account: “Request a reduced price.” Click this button. You will be redirected to the pricing page where you can subscribe using the legacy pricing introduced in July 2022:

  • Basic monthly — 14.99 USD/month
  • Basic annual — 74.99 USD/year
  • Premium monthly — 19.99 USD/month
  • Premium annual — 99.99 USD/year

You will be able to choose any of the above plans.

If you were paying a different price because you subscribed before July 2022 or because of the regional pricing, unfortunately, I won’t be able to offer you your old price.

Note also that this legacy pricing will be a LIMITED-TIME offer. The button to request a reduced price will be available only until December 24 or for 10 days after your active subscription expires (whichever comes last).

The fastest way to renew your expired subscription is to pay with PayPal. In this case, your subscription is activated right away.

If you can’t use PayPal, please contact me. In your message please indicate:

  • the email you used to sign up,
  • your full name,
  • the subscription plan that you want to buy, for example, “Premium monthly”.

I will create a personalized invoice and will send you payment instructions. In such a case, it will take 24 hours to activate your subscription.